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High-quality ABA Providers

Therapy Center of Acadiana (TCA) has been providing high-quality and individualized ABA Therapy services in the area since 2011. Our focus is on providing effective, compassionate, and client-focused treatment for those with developmental delays.

We provide an exceptional environment that allows staff to support our clients and their families as they navigate the challenges of autism and other developmental delays. TCA develops staff who constantly expand their professional knowledge in order to implement innovative and proven techniques that can maximize our clients’ potential and abilities in order to enhance their quality of life.

Autism Therapy

300 Park West Drive
Scott, LA 70583
ph: 337.233.1167
fax: 337.233.1168
170 Industrial Pkwy
Lafayette, LA 70508
ph: 337.456.5705
fax: 337.456.6249

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